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We’re excited to announce the second wave of vendors joining the Testcontainers Official Modules program. These partners recognize the value that Testcontainers brings to the developer community and have committed to ensuring that their respective modules are supported, certified, and maintained.

Since launching the program in April, we’ve continued to invest in our modules program and today we are introducing community modules. Community members who have developed a Testcontainers module that will help the broader community can now submit a pull-request to our community module registry at Once reviewed and approved, the module will be listed and shared with the broader Testcontainers community.

Joining Cockroach Labs, LocalStack, Neo4j, Redpanda, StreamNative, and Yugabyte in our list of official modules are Microcks and Synthesized. Meet them here:


Microcks is a popular CNCF Sandbox project: Their collaboration with Testcontainers streamlines the process of testing microservices in a containerized environment, ensuring that services are reliable, performant, and consistent. With Microcks and Testcontainers, developers can create sophisticated testing harnesses to test their microservices architectures – and have confidence when shipping.


Data privacy and security are paramount in today’s digital age. Synthesized offers a platform for intelligent data understanding and synthesis, ensuring that data remains private and compliant. Their integration with Testcontainers provides developers with a secure environment to test applications with synthetic data, maintaining data integrity and privacy throughout the development lifecycle.

To get started with your favorite technology using Testcontainers, explore our newly expanded modules catalog. And for those seeking the fastest way to get going with Testcontainers, we recommend Testcontainers Desktop.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Let’s continue to innovate and shape the future of development together!