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Meet the team

At AtomicJar we have built an inclusive and innovative culture where our team members are excited to collaborate on new solutions. We are  a remote first company and which has allowed us to hire talented people from all over the world.We strive to to build a team representative of the users of our product and an environment where the distinctions of minority and majority are not terms that we use, but instead we celebrate our eclectic and diverse team.

Marc Tremsal

Head of Product

Anna Chernyshova

Customer Success Engineer

Ignasi López Luna

Software Engineer

Eli Aleyner


Siva Katamreddy

Developer Advocate

Manuel de la Peña

Software Engineer

Andrea Janov

Head of People and Culture

Kirill Merkushev

Software Engineer

Eddú Meléndez Gonzales

Software Engineer

Ladislava Bohacova

Graphic Designer

Oleg Selajev

Head of Developer Relations

Sergei Egorov


Melanie Salman

Director of Marketing and Operations

Cristian Greco

Software Engineer

Leo Cross

Web Designer

Kevin Wittek

Engineering Manager

R.J. Lorimer

Principal Platform Engineer

Emily Casey

Software Engineer

Javier López de Ancos

Frontend Engineer


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