Global Team
Focused collaboration

The AtomicJar team is united around our passion for building tools that help developers get things done. We all know the pain of integration testing before Testcontainers, and we pride ourselves on creating pragmatic solutions that developers love. As a team we aspire to bring humanity, thoughtfulness and curiosity to our daily work.

As a remote-first company, we hire and work without borders, working (and playing!) fully online. We collaborate actively and regularly get together via online ‘mobbing’ coding sessions and enjoy things like weekly team gaming sessions for light-hearted fun.

Ladislava Bohacova
Graphic Designer
Oleg Selajev
Developer Advocate
Piotr Przybył
Software Engineer
Clive Jevons
Software Engineer
Anna Chernyshova
Customer Success Engineer
Richard North
Kevin Wittek
Software Engineer
Sergei Egorov
Kirill Merkushev
Software Engineer
Kate Jennings
Executive Assistant
Alex Stockinger
Software Engineer